Amazing Car Impersonations on Australia’s Got Talent – Video

Amazing Car Impersonations on Australia’s Got Talent – Video

If you’ve ever watched America’s Got Talent sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes and be skeptical when someone gets on stage. Something tells us the judges over at Australia’s Got Talent thought the same thing when Daniel took the stage and said he’s “going to do car sounds.”

And that’s when the judges, and us for that matter, were overwhelmed. The accuracy of Daniel’s car sounds are amazingly realistic – just close your eyes when you watch the video and you’d agree. Daniel mimics the sounds of a Formula One race car, a rotary drag car, and a good ‘ol V8 powered muscle car.

What we absolutely get a kick out off is just how accurate Daniel nailed the rotary drag car, blow-off valve noises and all. Drag racing is huge out in Australia, and clearly the crowd got a kick out of the rotary impersonation. As icing on the cake, Daniel impresses the female judge with a supercharged Shelby impersonation right on the spot.

Check out the must watch video below.

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