Anonymous Targets Formula 1 Website in Protest of Bahrain Regime

Anonymous Targets Formula 1 Website in Protest of Bahrain Regime

Anonymous, famous for wreaking havoc on credit card companies, major financial institutions and other business titans, is now targeting Formula 1 racing. 

Its attacks are based on disapproval around how the Bahrain regime is treating its citizens, even while a major sporting event takes place. Certain members of the Force India F1 team have already left in light of the violence. Thousands and thousands of protesters have also gathered to demonstrate disapproval.

Now, the infamous hacker’s association comprised of countless computers volunteered by their owners to blindly contribute to Anonymous’ causes is turning its gaze on the Formula 1 site, which is being shut down with a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

An official press release explaining the attacks hit the web late this morning that discussed specific reasons for its interference.

“Anonymous has watched with growing alarm the incredible human rights abuses of the Bahrain regime. We have watched this tyrannical government tear gas it’s own people literally to death, with over 30 fatalities so far. We have watched as thousands of innocent protesters and activists have been jailed,” the release said.

The release goes on to say that Anonymous intends to see Bahrain’s ruler removed from power and tried for crimes against humanity. It also warned that the trouble for Formula 1 has only just begun.

“Beginning tomorrow, and lasting for the duration of this race – Anonymous will turn your web site ( into a smoking crater in cyber space. We will also jam your phone lines, bomb your E-Mail inboxes – and wreck anything else of yours we can find on the internet,” it said.

More is sure to unfold and we’ll be keeping tabs on it for you, so check back to AutoGuide for updates.