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 |  Apr 21 2012, 2:02 PM

At the gala opening of one of the world’s largest Bentley dealerships in Beijing, the luxury British automaker unveiled its Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

The new dealership opening also coincided with Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, so it makes sense that the limited edition Mulsanne pays homage to Her Majesty. Back in 2002, Bentley’s Mulliner division created the State Limousine for the Queen, and now the same group will be creating just 60 examples of the Diamond Jubilee Mulsanne.

Each vehicle created presents a year of Her Majesty’s reign and will be distinguished by a range of exquisite, handcrafted features that pays tribute to the Diamond Jubilee. In all four headrests is gold stitching embroidery while veneered picnic tables in the rear cabin are decorated with a gold overlay representing the royal carriage. Highly-polished, stainless steel treadplate plaques sport ‘Bentley Mulliner, England’ and ‘Diamond Jubilee Edition’ script to designate the special edition.

The debut of the Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee edition in China may seem strange – since you know, it wasn’t in England and all – but China is now the largest market for Bentley Motors. So we’ll just call it a good business decision to show off its newest special edition model in its largest market first.

“This series of special cars, hand-built by our Mulliner Division, is our way of reciprocating the appreciation for British institutions, creativity and services we have been shown in China. And as proud holders of a Royal Warrant we also wanted to provide some memorable examples of British technology and craftsmanship,” said Richard Charlesworth, Director of Royal and VIP Relations for Bentley Motors.

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  • Flora Sheridan

    This series of special cars, hand-built by our Mulliner Division, is our
    way of reciprocating the appreciation for British institutions