Data Recording Black Boxes Likely in All Cars by 2015: Senate Passes Bill

Data Recording Black Boxes Likely in All Cars by 2015: Senate Passes Bill

Black boxes in cars? We’ve reported on it before, but a bill requiring such devices has recently passed the U.S. Senate and is expected to fare the same in the House. 

If it goes all the way, cars built after 2015 will all have tattlers to give specific information on a car’s activity. If implemented, the devices are meant to be used by emergency responders during an accident, but the applications are far from limited to those incidents.

Some are worried that installing such devices offer unprecedented invasions of privacy, bordering on big brother level surveillance of everyday citizens. Going to the wrong place, or driving the wrong way could flag you for suspicious activity (in theory).

Then again, the boxes could solve certain social issues like police profiling. An officer pulling someone over without just cause would have a much harder time explaining the decision in court if a black box could prove the individual wasn’t speeding or behaving erratically.

If Bill 1813 passes, we could all start seeing a shift to a more monitored society, that is unless you buy a used car.

  • No.  Just…no.  I don’t care much good they MIGHT do, it is the bad we KNOW will come of this level of monitoring when Big Brother decides to actively monitor passing cars.  And they will.

  • Hacks for such devices will be available long before they are required to be installed

  • Smitty the wrench

    My 1986 and 1991 Toyotas, and my 2001 SVT Cobra will last the rest of my life. Or until the roads crumble to dirt which is coming very soon. Only a fool would buy any car built after 2001 they are JUNK! 32 years as an ASE advanved level master technician convinced me these new snap together plastic crapmobiles are a huge ripoff.