BMW EVs and Plug-In Hybrids now Called eDrive

BMW EVs and Plug-In Hybrids now Called eDrive

The BMW i8 Spyder Concept made its Chinese debut today at the Beijing Auto Show, but more importantly the car was revealed wearing an eDrive badge, tipped by BMW as the designation for all of the brand’s upcoming electric and plug-in hybrid cars. 

We’ve seen the i8 Spyder Concept before, but what wasn’t apparent then is BMW’s move to distinguish its hybrid and electric vehicles with an eDrive badge. The system consists of three components: lithium-ion batteries, BMW designed electric-motors and the intelligent motor management system.

The German company is trying to market eDrive-badged vehicles as fun and agile with quick acceleration and lightweight building materials.

Deciding on a specific brand name for all of its electric vehicles also suggests that BMW is just starting off in this market, and should have many more electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to come.


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