BMW Lends Weather Testing Facility to Proof Olympic Torch

BMW Lends Weather Testing Facility to Proof Olympic Torch

Every facet of the competition is in overdrive with a scant 100 days remaining until the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London — including the torch.

How can a torch go through rigorous training, you may ask? It isn’t extra time in the gym, but some might consider the testing being conducted on par with training if such a thing were possible for an inanimate object. BMW lent its weather testing facility to ensure the fiery symbol could endure any weather conditions its carriers happen to be in.

The state-of-the-art Energy and Environmental Test Center (ETC) is normally busy running whatever new creation the Bavarian automaker can throw into it through weather simulations, but as the official automotive partner of this year’s Games, the company was obliged to host the unusual subject.

Tests ranged from freezing temperatures to extreme heat and snow to driving rain. According to BMW, the torch managed to stay lit through the entire proces.

“The Olympic Torch Relay is set to build excitement for London 2012 throughout the UK, so it’s really important that the Torch can cope with our unpredictable British weather. Seeing the facility that BMW has and knowing the Torch has been tested so robustly makes me sure we’re going to be able to build that excitement ahead of a brilliant summer of sport,” said two-time Olympic champion Daley Thompson, who stood in the wind tunnel with the torch.