BMW M135i Slated for US Market as Coupe or Convertible

BMW M135i Slated for US Market as Coupe or Convertible

Although BMW M division president Friedrich Nitschke emphasized earlier that the BMW M135i will not arrive to U.S. shores, later reports confirm that we will get the sporty small BMW after all.

Hinged on a technicality, the M135i concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show is based on a 1-Series hatchback layout exclusive to the European market. However, a recent interview between BMWblog and Nitschke revealed that an M135i tailored for the North American market will be available. Rather than a hatchback format, the American M135i will likely adopt a coupe or convertible layout.

No word on the official release date for the hot little Bimmer, but its arrival should come well after the standard second-generation 1 Series in 2013. BMW is refraining from revealing official performance numbers as well, but we expect the solid twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six to produce roughly 340 hp.

GALLERY: BMW M135i Concept

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  • H Mang

    If we got a 1M hatch here, I’d totally buy it. 

  • still waiting…

    I absolutely would love a performance hatchback. Seriously BMW, you’ve got enough Coupe and Convertible lineups….  this would be something I would actually purchase brand new. Why don’t you listen to your customers? Why do you keep bringing in the same things over and over again?