Buick is Shedding the Elderly Brand Image

Buick is Shedding the Elderly Brand Image

Buick has gained a reputation for being a car meant for the elderly, but the brand is slowly changing its image to be more youth oriented.

Polk Automotive, an automotive industry research firm says that the average age of Buick buyers has gone down from 62 to 59 over the last five years. This trend for Buick is even more of an achievement when you consider that in the last five years the average car buyers age has gone up by three years to to 51.

All of Buicks new products are targetted to younger buyers thanks to updated infotainment systems, technology and some sportier fun to drive models like the Regal GS.

Buick has also been putting some new marketing strategies to work, such as hosting culinary discovery tours. The brand visited ten cities and invited over 1,000 people in total to test drive its cars while participating in wine tasting, wine pairing classes and a cooking demonstration. The average age of the culinary tours participant 45. The Experience Buick campaign is another way in which Buick it trying to bring in new customers.


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