Cadillac Coupes, Wagons Confirmed for Future

Cadillac Coupes, Wagons Confirmed for Future

Originally marketing its CTS cars in 2003, Cadillac stepped away from styling that said “sunset years” and “Florida” in favor of a more modern luxury look.

The move helped America’s poster boy luxury brand resurge into a market otherwise overtaken by German and Japanese alternatives, but a decade later that success will either dwindle or grow. Cadillac is well aware of that fact and is taking steps to counteract is smoldering fire by introducing the entry-level ATS and making the CTS bigger to better compete with BMW‘s 5 Series.

Until recently, that left questions about the coupe and wagon’s continuation in the product line, but according to Car and Driver both variants will remain in the lineup.

What isn’t totally clear is where those versions will fit in. Making a larger CTS two-door almost seems like a return to the automaker’s previous image, which is still alive and well, but no longer the market mainstay. Instead, a smaller ATS coupe might seem like a reasonable option, especially because that would position the car to work well with a smaller engine while still feeling powerful.

The wagon, on the other hand, is a little more of an enigma. Downsizing the relatively successful vehicle might alienate American customers who want space, but a larger version might actually slot in nicely with Europeans next to the BMW 5 Series wagon. Older North American luxury customers are also likely to find the extra space useful, or at least unlikely to complain about it.

[Source: Car and Driver]