Car Crashes Into Bowling Alley, Facebook to Blame

Car Crashes Into Bowling Alley, Facebook to Blame

Far be it from anyone in the AutoGuide office to give romantic advice past what brand of tire shine to buy for your “baby,” but here’s a tidbit: don’t post relationship status on Facebook. It’s stupid.

You might not agree, but the owner of a bowling alley in the U.K., probably does after an angry woman crashed a car into the bowling alley where her boyfriend worked.

As you might have already guessed, the little lover’s quarrel started on Facebook. The woman noticed that her significant other changed his profile from reading “in a relationship” to “single.” Throwing reason and accountability out the window, she drank half a bottle of wine and two “large vodkas” before leaping into her boyfriend’s car and driving like a bat out of hell — right through the alley’s front window.

Thankfully, a security camera recorded her stunt, which racked up a €17,000 repair bill (roughly translated to $22,000).

Oh, the crazy things we do for love. Watch the nonsense after the break.

[Source: BBC]


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