Chevrolet Colorado Could Get New Name for US Market

Chevrolet Colorado Could Get New Name for US Market

The newest generation Chevy Colorado was unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show last year, and will make its American debut in 2014, quite possibly with a new name to coincide with the new design.

Speaking at the New York Auto Show, GM North American President Mark Reuss said that the new mid-size truck, which may not be called Colorado, will debut after the unveiling of GM’s redesigned half-ton pickups. Although he didn’t hint at a new name, rumors are floating around that the LUV badge will be revived for the mid-size pickup which makes sense.

The Chevy LUV was a small Isuzu designed pickup truck which Chevrolet offered in North America during the 1970’s. LUV is an acronym for light utility vehicle, which would suit the design of the new Colorado well.

[Source: Detroit News]

  • Mike

    Not a fan of the LUV name. Visions of anemic rust buckets rolling down the road fill my mind. They should bring back the S10 nameplate for the US. They’ll sell a pile of them.

  • thereed

    Not a fan of the “LUV” name. I think Colorado is a good name. The only problem with the current generation Colorado, in my opinion, was that GM didnt market it properly. It’s a great truck that is competitive in its class but GM never really put forth the effort via marketing to keep sales competitive with the like of the Toyota Tocoma. I love the look of the new truck and I hope they back up the product with some solid marketing this time.

  • Mikehgl

    C’mon GM. There’s only one name that this truck should be: The S-10. It would embody the same functionality of the loved little truck that so many people miss. Bring back the S-10 name plate. It has instant recognition in the U.S.

  • Buzz_litefoot

    I can’t figure out why the new Chevy “luv”, the Australian Holden Colorado, and the UK Isuzu D-Max all look the same. Which in case you didn’t know the luv has already released in other countries as a diesel. All of the above are diesels in fact. I want answers. Why is GM selling or buying body designs to or from other companies. And supposedly they are going to take Holden design “commodore” and release it in the us as a caprice. Idks