Chevrolet Memorabilia Collector Tries for Guinness World Record

Chevrolet Memorabilia Collector Tries for Guinness World Record

For Charlie Mallon, 54, of Downington, Pa., nothing numbers more greatly in life than his collection of Chevrolet memorabilia.

As a life-long collector and avid enthusiast, Mallon amassed 2,181 different Chevrolet items over the past 40 years. After the better pat of a lifetime’s devotion to his hobby, he finally counted up his trinkets to realize there might be a world record in his future.

Mallon spends a lot of his time travelling as a dealership consultant and says he always made a point to find new Chevrolet collectibles during each of those trips. He also scoops new pieces up as he sees them, most of which are Corvettes.

“I appreciate all cars, but there’s something special about the Corvette,” Mallon said. “It’s the look. It’s the sound. It’s the mystique. Everything about the Corvette makes it the American sports car.”

Just as you may be wondering, he has a 2005 Corvette. Before that Mallon also owned a 1965 Corvette coupe. “Corvettes have always turned my head,” he said.

Mallon brought his massive collection to a local high school gymnasium and laid it out to be counted under the supervision of several witnesses including a certified public accountant. His submission is complete and undergoing review by Guinness World Records, which will ultimately decide if he qualifies for the “Largest Collection of Chevrolet Memorabilia” category.

When asked  why he decided to pursue the award, Mallon said it was partially to see if he had the largest collection and partially to “validate [his] insanity to [his] wife.”