Chevy Volt Production Reinstated A Week Ahead Of Schedule

Chevy Volt Production Reinstated A Week Ahead Of Schedule

The Chevrolet Volt has had its fair share of teething problems. Soon after its birth, there were reports of some vehicles spontaneously combusting.

This obviously had an effect on the cars reputation, and sales fell. To save money and rid themselves of backed up inventory, General Motors decided to halt production of the Volt at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant for five-weeks.

However, the Volt’s fortune quickly changed. March was its best sales month ever, as GM sold 2,289 examples of the plug-in range extended EV.

This sales boost has convinced GM’s President of North America Mark Reuss to restart the plant a week ahead of schedule.

Reuss said simply; “We’re doing it because we sold a lot.”

While he might not be making any sales predictions, he is expecting the sales momentum to continue. He attributes the sales growth to consumers understanding the vehicle better and dealers being better able to explain the technology in this car.

But Reuss is not getting overly ambitious, saying production will be tied to demand.

[Source: Detroit News]