Chrome-Wrapped Fisker Karma is Bieber’s Latest Toy

Chrome-Wrapped Fisker Karma is Bieber’s Latest Toy

Call him what you want: JBiebz, the Biebernator, JB, or Justin. How ever you say it, Canada’s most identifiable teen is easy to spot. Just look for the hordes of drooling prepubescent girls who flock after him like Cookie Monster chasing the Keelber Elf. 

If that’s not enough, or in the rare event he gives them the slip, the ever-ostentatious Justin Bieber will still be blindingly visible thanks to his recent automotive sacrilege.

It seems the Stratford lad didn’t like his recently-received Fisker Karma birthday present in its original color so he turned to West Coast Customs, of MTV fame, to turn the car into a rolling mirror.

Some of the folks on the WCC Facebook page had nice things to say, but the occasional positive comments are vastly outweighed by people writing things like “I would rather be punched in the face than see that in my driveway.”

While nobody at the AutoGuide office likes being punched in the face, looking directly at the car on a bright day might feel a little like having your eyes seared out so we can relate to the disapproval.

The biggest question remains for recently-appointed Fisker CEO Tom LaSorda to answer: is this still good publicity?

Read some of the ruder comments by scrolling through the West Coast Customs Facebook post here.

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  • PresidentDorf

    He’s  an idiot and the car looks like_crap.

    I did see a Karna locally the other day and it is stunning.

    WCC and Bieber trashed it.