Chrysler Town & Country Plug-In Hybrid Specs Revealed

Chrysler Town & Country Plug-In Hybrid Specs Revealed

Last week, Chrysler announced delivery of four plug-in hybrid Town & Country minivans to the Auburn Hills city of Michigan as the initial part of an extensive two-year hybrid development project worth $25.8 million. Today, company delivered eight more units to the Duke Energy utility company as part of the two-year project.

As the only minivan to boast a plug-in hybrid powertrain in combination with flex-fuel capability, Chrysler also revealed the specifications of its new plug-in Town & Country.

Each van offers a powertrain featuring Chrysler’s 3.6-liter flex-fuel V6 engine combined with an electric motor  to produce a total 290 hp. Energy for the electric motor is stored in a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery while a two-mode hybrid transmission transfers the power to the front wheels.

According to Chrysler, the batteries in the Town & Country are designed to recharge in 2-4 hours using a 220 volt “Level 2” Charge cord, while a 110 volt “Level 1” cord will take a longer eight to 15 hours. Ready for road trips, the plug-in hybrid Town & Country boasts a 700-mile range. Comparatively, the standard gasoline Town & Country ‘s range is only a little more than half that at 360 miles.

While Chrysler has not made any announcements about plug-in hybrid Town & Country production, we expect more details as the two-year trial runs its course.

  • Drb70

    If Chrysler can develop this kind of hybrid system, and have an AWD edition, they can recapture the market in the minivan set….would even be a fine edition to their regular “old” van model they used in the 80s and 90s… I had a RAM 250 that I put over 200K miles on, and loved it!!! But did have a compromise on the mpg side. 

  • Blaine Gale

    My first van was a first model Plymouth Voyager.  Since then I have had five: Plymouth, Dodge, and Chrysler vans.  I now have a 2009 Town & Country with stow-n-go seats getting 20 to 24 mpg.   I read that the 2012 is the last Chrysler van!  SAD!!    I would buy a Town & Country hybrid instantly IF IT COMES OUT.  If necessary I would buy a Dodge Caravan HYBRID stow-n-go IF IT COMES OUT.    

  • John F Penniston

     Glad to hear your comment.  I first tried Toyota and Honda but did not like the driving has much Town and Country.   We are starting with a 2006 Chrysler but are seriously looking at the Dodge Caravan in the future.   I get a great 22 to 25 on my trips to the coast.   These vans drive well in the steep winding curves with ease, no more car sickness for my family.  Best of all because of the all the room and storage my family can finally enjoy trips now.   If they ever come out with a 700 mile plus van then half of the US will be at range. 

  • dave

     the cost should not be too high that mileage strips fuel savings over seven years ,everybhody will be afraid to buy a used hybrid becouse they can be only repaired at dealerships

  • shell

    I want a hybrid van and if dodge, Chrysler or whoever comes to market first with one that gets over 35- 40 mpg I am buying it