Dale Earnhardt ‘Intimidator’ Impala Raises $22,000 for Charity

Dale Earnhardt ‘Intimidator’ Impala Raises $22,000 for Charity

Classic Bentleys, Studebakers, Mustangs and more crowded an auction house this weekend to be sold, but one car stood out among the pack: a late model Chevrolet Impala SS. 

Surprising as that might be given the host of exotics it sat with, the Impala is among a special few “Intimidator” editions that have all but slipped from the streets and into collector hands and museum floors. There was also a special purpose behind the Intimidator’s presence: raising money for Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, Canada.

As the car rolled onto stage and bidding began, the auctioneer made it clear that the seller, Jeffrey Seigal (left), agreed to waive the usual 10 percent buyer fee, and that the sale price would also be matched in donation. Although other Intimidator Impalas have sold for as much as $40,000, this particular car went up without reserve — and down for $22,000.

Ted Collins (right), who bought the car, said he frequents auctions though he never specifically comes to buy, more to take his son on fun adventures. “It’s going to be tempting to leave it in the garage,” he said, before admitting that he probably won’t be able to resist driving it.

“It was a good purchase and it’s a good cause,” he said. “Put the two together and everybody wins.”

  • The car in the picture is a Monte Carlo SS Intimidator not an Impala!