Dodge Viper History Detailed in Video

Dodge Viper History Detailed in Video

Given the long list of high-horsepower sports cars available today, it’s easy to forget where the Dodge Viper came from — or more importantly how it came to be. 

With the launch of Chrysler’s fifth-generation halo car, the company released a video that reminds us of the Viper’s history and how unusual a concept sports car being put into production was at the time. The vidoe features old interviews and footage — even of the original Viper’s unveiling, which is so informal it’s almost funny.

Fast forward to the current-generation Viper’s debut and much has changed. Music blasting, a fancy stage and roar after road of someone squeezing the throttle, letting the 8.4-liter V10 speak for itself.

If you find the new car to be exciting, watch the video below and revisit the history behind one of America’s most legendary supercars. Click below to watch the video.

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