EPA Approves E15 Gasoline for Increased Use With Caveat

EPA Approves E15 Gasoline for Increased Use With Caveat

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally approved the first applications in making gasoline that contains up to 15 percent ethanol, known as E15.

This comes after much criticism on the use of E15 with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and the Science Committee in the House of Representatives both stepping in to prevent the additional 5 percent of ethanol use. For over 30 years, ethanol has been blended into gasoline but was limited to 10 percent usage.

The use of E15 will be restricted to vehicles model year 2001 and up and the Obama Administration has set a goal to help fueling station owners install 10,000 blender pumps over the next five years. According to the EPA, before E15 can be sold, “manufactures must first take additional measures to help ensure retail stations and other gasoline distributors understand and implement labeling rules and other E15-related requirements.”

Gas pumps dispensing E15 must be clearly labeled so that consumers can make the right choice when getting gasoline for their vehicle.

  • Clifford Meeuwsen

    With ethanol 1.00 plus cheaper than gas and the cleanest burning liquid fuel there is, it is about time we were allowed to use more of it!!!

  • Mr. Maflagulator

    Clifford, and most everyone else who is most likely not aware, any engine that was not built with the adequate compression ratio (about 16:1) will get far worse fuel economy, leading to far more petroleum consumption which is worse for the environment overall.

    I’ll give you two examples:

    My 2009 Toyota Yaris: on supposed “e10” fuel = 31MPG
    On pure gasoline from a marina = 38.5MPG
    That’s a 20% efficiency loss.

    My neighbor’s Ford work truck (V8 I believe) gets 10MPG on “e10” and 14MPG on pure gasoline.
    That’s over 28% efficiency loss.

    If the government wants to see automobiles get 15 – 20% better fuel economy, they need to stop bowing down to the ethanol lobbyist twisting their arm…or magically make everyone’s engine run properly with e85 so we can get “Gasoline-type” of fuel economy for the same price.

    Gasoline at the Marina cost me $4.85/gal and “e10” from all other fuel stations in my area cost about $3.85/gal. Anyone getting more than a 20% loss in fuel economy is actually paying MORE to drive the same, and filling up more often, costing them MORE per mile driven.

  • M. Paetus

    I concur with the above and wish to point out the ethanol blended gasolines are more about putting the squeeze on consumers than environmental or national energy supply concerns.

    Everybody, but the consumer gains with increasing maximum ethanol content in gasoline.

    Gas retailers and oil companies benefit by selling more fuel, as ethanol blended gas has less BTU’s in it than pure gasoline.

    Farmers and feedstock producers benefit (heck they have subsidies!)

    Automotive manufacturers benefit, as the rapid introduction of E15 will force the drivers of older vehicles to buy new…..

    And State governments will like E15, as greater consumption of fuel will mean greater revenues from gas taxes.

  • T. Bill

    One of the potential problems with the government promoting the use of E15 gasoline in the automobile sector is that the electronic configuration of the emission monitoring systems, mainly the O2 sensors (2001- 2010) become “plugged” and are unabled to read correctly which gives a “check engine” light error. In some cases, using a gasoline addiditive (i.e.,Sea Foam) along with a tank of high octane gasoline can relieve the problem, temporarily.

  • Hfnorth

     This will not “Force” anyone to buy new cars.  E-15 will be a choice at the gas station, just as E-85 is a choice now.  E-10 will still be at the majority of pumps in the nations gas stations and you can pump that forever.

    If you’re paranoid about any ethanol in your gas, you can always buy premium 91 octane gas with zero ethanol in it.  That is available also at many gas stations in the nation.

  • Anonymous

    Brazil has been energy-independent for the last decade.  All their cars have engines that are optimized for high rates of ethanol.  The consumer chooses how much ethanol to blend on any given fill-up based on price.  How sad Big Auto has smeared ethanol and refused to sell the optimized autos in the US.  Big Oil doesn’t like ethanol either.  Brazil has been saving their money and their oil costs from the MIddle East for years. Why can’t we have the same choices in our fuel?  If EPA studied this any longer we’d all be on social security.  Brazil leads; we follow ever more slowly.  Politics over common sense.