Ferrari Unveils Its Latest Halo Mid-Engine HY-KERS Drivetrain- Video

Ferrari Unveils Its Latest Halo Mid-Engine HY-KERS Drivetrain- Video

Last week, patent applications from Ferrari revealed a new hybrid system for its front-engine V12 road cars. Continuously developing efficient and high performing engines at a fierce pace, Ferrari has now released details on a new mid-engine V12 hybrid powerplant at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

Designed specifically for the Ferrari Enzo successor slated to debut towards the end of the year, Ferrari intends for its new hybrid system to deliver a flagship that will raise a new benchmark in performance, emissions and efficiency. The HY-KERS system features two electric motors connected to batteries. While the primary electric motor mounted to the gearbox sends power to the rear wheels, the role of the secondary electric motor is to power auxiliary systems including power steering, brake servo, air conditioning and on-board systems.

In fact, Ferrari has developed a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox that is mechanically integral to the electric drive motor. The electric motor is mated to one of the two main shafts, delivering its power using one of the two clutches in the gearbox, to provide instantaneous power delivery. During braking, the electric motor will act as a generator, converting heat and kinetic energy to recharge the batteries. The management of the hybrid energy storage and delivery is controlled by a dedicated ECU borrowed directly from Formula 1 technology. Not only does the ECU control the electric motor, but it manages the delivery of power to auxiliary systems as well.

The additional components may sound like extra weight, but Ferrari claims its new system utilizes a multitude of smaller and lighter materials to achieve a target increase of approximately 1.34 horsepower per each additional kilogram added from the hybrid system.

The result of all this technical wizardry is staggering. According to Ferrari, the 2012 HY-KERS achieves a 40 percent decrease in CO2 emissions compared to combustion engines with similar outputs. However, the output of the latest hybrid Ferrari supercar will be anything but similar as early reports have predicted performance as high as 920-hp.

Since this is the latest Ferrari supercar we’re talking about, marvel will not derive from its new HY-KERS system alone. To tie in Ferrari’s Formula 1 involvement, the new halo will also feature the best from the Scuderia Ferrari program, including cutting-edge longitudinal and lateral dynamic management for improved handling by way of advanced torque management, traction control, and brake distribution systems.

With the system reaching the end of its experimental phase, shakedown tests kick off the developmental phase for the Enzo successor. Stay tuned for more information on the most advanced Ferrari yet as we draw closer to its official unveiling at the end of the year.
Check out the evolution of the HY-KERS system from Ferrari in the promo video below.

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