Few Drivers Admit to Tailgating, Many Report Being Tailgated

Few Drivers Admit to Tailgating, Many Report Being Tailgated

Tire maker, Michelin recently conducted a study surveying 1,000 Americans to see how many of them have been tailgated and how many would admit to tailgating. Of course the results didn’t line up at all.

Of those surveyed, 74 percent of drivers claimed that they were tailgated by someone within the last six months, but a mere 11 percent admitted to tailgating someone else. Then again, those 1,000 drivers they surveyed could have just been a very rare pool of perfectly good drivers, just don’t try to tell that to a statistician.

What’s probably worse is that almost half of those surveyed didn’t know the recommended driving distance between cars.

The survey was conducted through Braun Research between March 20 and 25 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

[Source: USA Today]

  • someone else

    well if people would understand the left lane is for passing and not go 5+ below the speed limit i wouldnt tailgate them

  • Indeed, Someone Else, I concur with many +1’s.  Many Americans seem very bad idea about the idea of “Drive Right”.