German Amphicar For Sale in Maryland Handles Land and Lake

German Amphicar For Sale in Maryland Handles Land and Lake

It is a known fact that boats are not designed to travel on land, and cars are not very capable in the water. But with the summer approaching and a vast number of cottages available for rent by lakes, it would be ideal to have a combination of the two.

The solution would be an amphibious vehicle, like this 1967 German-built Amphicar 770, which is currently on sale in Lusby, Md.

These vehicles were built between 1960 to 1967, and out of the 4000 vehicles the company produced, 3000 units were sold in the United States. Sadly roughly only 250 of these Amphicar’s survive today, making them a prized collectible item.

Just don’t expect this classic to bring out the speed demon in you; as it only has a 43-hp, four-cylinder engine that turns the propeller in the water and wheels on the road. This model, the 770 was named such because it can travel at about 7-mph in the water and do about 70-mph on the road.

According to the seller, the vehicle has 12,500 original miles and has had service done by East Coast Amphicar of New Jersey to keep it in “good shape.”

At $55,000, it isn’t cheap but then you are getting a two for one deal, and a trailer. That’s a good thing, because these cars had a terrible reputation for reliability.

So forget about buying a supercar this summer, if you really want to attract attention, roll up in the Amphicar.

[Source: duPont Registry]

  • Islandforsale

    I would trade my 13 acres Florida land on Hyw 17/92 in Debary for a Amphicar call 386-290-3983

  • slam

    Just an FYI for any folks interested in this amphicar – the car in the picture is not the one that’s on sale in Maryland. I feel that the author of this article should make that more obvious…this specific boatcar belongs to a man in California and he isn’t selling.