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 |  Apr 01 2012, 12:01 PM

The Heartland Institute is well known for its skepticism on climate change, pushing to challenge accepted norms about global warming and their man-made causes.

General Motors on the other hand, is trying really hard to sell their Chevrolet Volt so any support for an association that spreads climate misinformation isn’t good for the American automaker. A recent leak exposed that GM was sending funding towards the Heartland Institute and climate advocacy group, Forecast the Facts, began a petition to ask GM to stop their support.

It didn’t take very long for the petition to get over 20,000 signatures from current GM vehicle owners. And without further ado, GM has announced that they are no longer supporting the Heartland Institute. The decision was reported to the Climate One organization and it said:

“General Motors has decided to discontinue funding of the Heartland Institute, an organization that downplays the risks of climate disruption, three weeks after GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson was asked about it during a Climate One radio interview. GM spokesman Dave Barthmuss confirmed the move today.”

While this probably doesn’t have a huge impact on the Heartland Institute – it is believed that GM’s contributions weren’t significant – it proves that GM is willing to back off support for organizations that their car owners aren’t too keen of.

Now if only they could persuade those tens of thousands of customers to switch to a Volt.

[Source: Tree Hugger]

  • mememine

    What’s the best way to make sure nobody votes Liberal ever again?
    By having libs condemn the voter’s kids to the greenhouse gas ovens. Who would vote for a fear mongering party? May as well had over the keys to the White House to the neocons.
    Ya, that’l do the trick.

  • ThomNJ

    “…it proves that GM is willing to back off support for organizations that their car owners aren’t too keen of.”

    Just how is that statement is known to be true? Where or when was the poll among GM owners to determine their support/non-support for the Heartland Institute?

  • averageman

    To GM:

    I always purchased GM cars throughout my life (7 new vehicles). I’m sad to say that this relationship is at an end.

    I will never give my hard earned money to GM again.

    Goodbye GM…

  • MNHawk

    “Forecast the Facts”

    Using a Soros front group for reporting = JournoFail every time.

  • zenga

    well, it’s not like there was any danger of me buying a Volt. but now i will make sure to never again buy a GM product. any company stupid enough to support the AGW nitwits and their brain-dead money-grubbing “scientists” (in quotes because no true scientist would ever side with AGW hen the evidence all says it is pure crap) won’t get a penny from me (at least, none that doesn’t come directly from the idiots running our gov’t these days). i hope they go out of business soon.