GM Releases Updates on Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Production

GM Releases Updates on Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Production

After Chevrolet temporarily halted production of the Camaro ZL1 at the Oshawa, Ontario assembly plant due to a potential software problem, we reported recently that it had been green lit once again.

However, given that the three-week hiatus caused a hiccup in the original production schedule of the car, General Motors has now released some information regarding how many ZL1 coupes will be built and when they’ll be made available.

As it stands some 1,100 orders out of the original 2012 allocation (less than 3000 units)  are currently outstanding. That said, given the time required for changeover to new model year production, GM has said it will only build a further 500 as 2012 models.  The remaining 600 cars will be serialed as 2013 models, manufacture of which isn’t scheduled to begin until sometime after April.

Besides the change in schedule, the production hiatus has also resulted in a slight shuffle of trim and equipment packages. As a result, early and late-build 2012 models will differ in some of their features and options. Examples include a ZL1 stripe package which, when combined with the optional sunroof, will omit the roof mounted lines on late-build cars. In addition, ordering the extra cost $600 carbon fiber hood inserts will actually  result in a $600 credit option on late-build cars.

As to whether the 2013 coupes will be virtually identical, no word yet, though for muscle car enthusiasts and collectors, these production changes for ’12  are likely to only further enhance desirability of what is arguably Chevy’s baddest pony car ever.

[Source: Motor Authority]


    My 2013 (2012 1/2) Zl1 has a 2013 VIN (191) even though it was part of the 2012 “catch-up” production on the new 2013 line. Also, it has some but not all of either of the 12 or 13 parts and options, so it is not a 2012 or a 2013!!!!  I think it is a 2012 1/2.

  • Jonathon Kruskamp

    Is there a list of these “2012 1/2″ cars? How do you know, by VIN, which is which?

  • Juande

    i have a 2013 ZL1 camaro for sale call call tony at findlay motor com 928-754-3400

  • ZL1#???

    how many 2013 produced so far to date?

  • WWIII….

    I accidently got a 2012 ZL1….funny how that happens….its #866…
    its so Badass……Black…

  • zl1b2fast4u

    Not sure but I’m told that the remaining ~600 2012 orders will be first… so …001-599 should be the 2012 1/2 cars.


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