GM to Extend Summer Shut Down at Volt Plant

GM to Extend Summer Shut Down at Volt Plant

As yet another sign that sales of the Chevy Volt continue to fail to live up to expectations, General Motors will extend the scheduled summer shut down at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where it’s built.

The assembly facility was already preparing for a two week production pause as part of a regular Summer break, but that period has been extended by an additional week in response to slower than expected demand. Currently the facility sits idle, with GM announcing several weeks ago that it would curb production in response to a glut of products on dealer lots.

Production for the range-extended gasoline car isn’t expected to resume until April 23rd.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Chad

    This has nothing to do with politicians. This has nothing to do with being anti-environment. It comes down to simple market forces. Is the car worth the asking price to the consumer, and does it give them the look and features they want. The answer is “no”. Maybe if it didn’t look so hideous, with a price tag to match is ugliness, the public might have received this extended-range vehicle with as many orders as its European counterpart.

    Europeans, apparently, like ugly cars. Americans like trucks.

  • Emmett Blake

    GM has no organizational comment.
    If they did there would be an amazing marketing campaign telling everyone why Volt represents future and why we should invest in an American future. It would have small number of promotional prices and smaller number of give aways.

    Instead Lutz is going to step out and say you tricked us again and we built a car the market didn’t want. Shame on us.

    If there were commitment and this was wrong car for market they would be scrambling to identify the miss and reintroduce with better aim at market. Rinse and repeat.

  • Chad

    Why pay the price premium for the Volt, when you get equivalent MPG in a Fiesta Sedan or Hyundai for half the price? This is purely about market acceptance, not corporate management. Even with eco-mouth pieces spouting their hippy mantra, and sites like this one…the public still isn’t buying. The American public wants an extended-range hybrid truck. Truck! Not ugly car. We will put up with ugly trucks more easily.

  • kickincanada

    After Record Sales, Chevy Volt Production Will Resume One Week Early

    nuff said

  • Charlesro007

    Chad you must be a diehard Fox News watcher. Those guys are full of fuel companys.. I own a Volt and have 528 miles on it and used 1.5 gallons of the golden $4.00 + gas .. It’s smart and simply fun to drive. I’m way past the automobile phase in my life but love to get behind the wheel of my Volt. I’m stickin it to the man … who raises the gas prices. Try it .. It’s really fun. Or keep on doing what your doing watching Fox News. 

  • Arby

    I want an electric car because gasoline, long term, is never going to become cheaper.  BUT who was the nitwit that gave approval to the aesthetics of this car.  Put me in charge of approvals and rejections of all GM body styles.  I will single handedly turn things around.  The original concepts for the Volt were MUCH closer in appearance to the Camaro.  Why would you make the most technologically advance machine you’ve ever produced look like something your design teams rejected five years ago. This Malibu 70’s something looking church mobile is insulting to even THINK about owning.  I’ll have to wait until they get their head out of their a55 and make something consumers actually admire.  Come on you guys!  New company, new leadership, new Government unlimited access to free money and you make THIS?!?!!  What the………
    Make a mini pickup with a Volt platform….you might sell more….no wait….you’re already double what that stinking Prius costs.  Keep it up though and I might have to buy the Prius simply because GM just canNOT get with a program.  Make a Volt that looks like the 1975 Datsun 350ZX or a Viper….but alas, an electric car manuafactured by General Motors for under $20,000 is something only on the twilight zone.  Get your stuff together or we’re gonna be looking at a GM throws in the towel sequel.  I’m not kidding.  I’m a Chevy guy! Never owned anything else, I’m 51, but I’m sick to death of a group of engineers that seem to be completely disconnected from EVERYTHING.  As soon as the Silverado is defeated, and I have 2009 Silverado Crewcab, Chevy will die.  I would not own a Ford because I am loyal for now to Chevy, as was my father, but BUT Ford’s pickups are far better looking, they look tougher, stronger, and more refined.  GM, you better get some kind of vision and creativity going because I think your run is about to hit the wall.  RB

  • Crooked Obama Government bought most of them to inflate sales

  • Hey Charles…Amortise you capital outlay and see how much you are paying a galleon…All you all farts can afford to throw your money away to have “fun”…BTW…Obama is a FRAUD and CNN is Bankrupt