High-Speed Supercar Police Escort Prompts Investigation

High-Speed Supercar Police Escort Prompts Investigation

A police-escorted high-speed highway run involving 30 supercars is causing a stir after public outcry over what amounts to excused law-breaking and reckless behavior. 

A foul-mouthed passenger managed to catch New Jersey state troopers escorting a series of supercars at speeds of up to 100 mph on the Garden State Parkway. The video is now prompting an investigation, with two officers suspende without pay and the station commander already reassigned.

It appears the event, which occurred on March 30 was organized by New York Giants star Brandon Jacobs. He doesn’t appear in the video below, but Jacobs’ agent confirmed to USA Today that he was a part of the event.

Driving 100 mph on a public road means breaking the law anywhere in the U.S., but it’s important to note that there are also interstates with speed limits of up to 80 mph where drivers routinely drive as fast as the cars spurring these complaints. What makes the offense notable is that police officers apparently participated in and condoned speed violations on a crowded road.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Jaybrb2

    For cry’in out loud!!! SO WHAT??!! If you want bitch at the police for something this ain’t it!! 100 mph, that’s all ?! I’ve had many a car pass me at that speed and I’ll join them if I decide to. How many motorcycle guys love to do this and what do we hear about that?? If this is all you have to do go find some kind of hobby. SHUT UP——YOUR STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danny

    So it’s ok for the police to condone the law being broken by a bunch of rich people?  So if I can convince a police officer to stand by while I beat the living daylights out of you, it’s ok?  You’re an idiot.

  • Father of 3

    This is a classic example of how people of power and wealth can rewrite the rules. 
    And how the rules don’t apply to them. 

    Why is it ok for these police officers to condone and support dangerous behavior?

    How often do we see an on and off duty police officer speeding, talking on the cell phone and parking where ever they want.
    Why is it ok for police officers to break the law?
    Why are they not accountable to the same rules that they enforce themselves?

    If someone would have gotten hurt or killed during a high speed escort.  They would have sued the hell out of the state of NJ and I being a taxpayer would be the one flipping the bill for said law suits.

    Never mind the fact that someone would have to explain to the family member that their loved one got hurt or killed because some fat cats wanted to flex they 500K Ferraris.    
    Police officers are suppose to be role models and set an example for the public they serve,
    they are not to use their powers for getting buddy buddy with famous and rich athletes. 

  • Jaybrb2

    Relax Danny!! This is a case of automotive enthusiasm and I would even stop the cops from beating you. Did anyone ever think of how this guy was making this REALLY dangerous by his driving?? Just like the cell phone idiots (ever heard of portable bluetooth?) texter’s, make up artist, breakfast eaters, self imposed cop posers who are gonna make sure you slow down, get outa my way. PLEASE!?? There, I even asked.This guy gets right in the middle of this bunch and starts blocking!!!! Now THAT’s making things hazardous. If this was on a private 2 lane and this guy tried this I don’t think we would have ever heard a thing from him. Probably because they would have run him off the road and left him to his own reward. These cars (and many other cars for that matter–even the one I drive) are more than safe at these speeds with suspensions and brakes that we have today. Lighten up. Save your money and you too can have something like these cars. (LIKE–I hear Mustangs can go 200 now!!) No one would have ever heard about this if it was a bunch Honda’s, Toyota’s, Nissan’s or any other affordable car. By the way these affordable cars are also capable of doing 100 VERY safely. If you’ve ever driven 85 you are just as guilty as I am at 120. I’m just having alot more fun!!!!!!

  • Agent007

    Sounds like fun. Two guys in there sounded like overly excited douchebags, but other than that no harm done. If you DON’T condone car rallies, then you need to GTFO, stop whining and keep living your non-adventurous life.

  • Jaybrb2

    Oh! By the way. There are alot of people out there whom the police would love to turn thier heads and should be beat!! So, yea it would be OK.

  • Jaybrb2

    007 for President!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Obviously the people that are arguing here about this don’t seem to realize that it’s not the sports cars that are really speeding it’s the police escorts that are speeding and the cars are just keeping speed to keep up.  Whats the point of having a police escort if they’re too far ahead of you to even escort you.  If there is a valid reason and the person can afford a police escort that’s their business.  If the President’s police escort was traveling fast you don’t see people comment that the President is speeding they all just cheer and wave.  Obviously the people that comment are jealous that they themselves cannot need or afford to live this life or have this need.  Don’t blame the drivers blame the police for traveling at these speeds since the cars didn’t push the police car ahead he was driving at that speed.