Honda Appeals Civic Hybrid Small Claims Court Ruling

Honda Appeals Civic Hybrid Small Claims Court Ruling

As promised back in March after Heather Peters won her settlement concerning the Honda Civic Hybrid’s MPG claims, Honda is heading back to court to appeal the small claims decision.

American Honda’s lawyers are hoping to overturn the highly publicized court award to Heather Peters, who netted $9,867 after suing Honda stating that her Civic Hybrid failed to get the promised 50-mpg. As a result of her successful small claims suit, 1,700 Civic Hybrid owners have opted out of a class action settlement, presumably to take Honda to small claims court themselves.

Honda will be heading back to court on Thursday and the court will once again hear testimony from both sides in what is basically a retrial. But unlike the small claims trial, Honda has legal representation and Peters will be presenting new evidence she has discovered. Peters also renewed her law license and has already testified in the first part of the hearing with Honda’s lawyers questioning her.

The Japanese automaker is hoping the appeal will curb other Civic Hybrid owners from filing their own small claims suits similar to what Peters did successfully.

[Source: The Detroit News]

  • It is very simple…

    If the car you are advertising as getting 50 MPG can never actually get 50 MPG, you are guilty of fraudulent advertisement.  Now, a company might be forgiven if the maybe it only got 47, or 46.  The differences in terrain and driving conditions can easily explain away 4 to 5 MPG.  But to only get in the high 30’s?  No, someone is guilty of fraud.

    Honda, just admit your fault in over-zealous MPG marking and re-label your cars to reflect reality.

  • BI

    The driver is the primary effect on the delivered MPG. If you drive it like it was tested you can actually get better than the “EPA” numbers, of course most drivers don’t drive with an eye to getting the best MPG.