Honda Concept C and S Showcase Future Brand Design

Honda Concept C and S Showcase Future Brand Design

At the Beijing Motor Show, Honda revealed two further concept models, which are said by the company to hint at the brand’s future design direction. The first is called the Concept C, with the letter referring to (and we’re not making this up) “Cool,” “Challenge” and “China.” 

Looking a bit like an update of the Acura TL, the Concept C is a four-door sedan with a bold grille and sculpted side flanks. It’s quite possibly the most adventurous styling exercise we’ve yet seen on a Honda four-door, concept or production.

Not much information is available at present, suffice to say that the Concept C is currently earmarked for China, pitched as a mid-priced model aimed at the country’s burgeoning consumer class. Production planning was done by Honda’s Chinese arm and development handled by teams both in China and Japan.

Whether a production version of the Concept will materialize outside China’s borders remains to be seen, though in this age of increasingly global automotive product plans, it likely will see life outside of China.

As for the concept S, Honda made no bones about this one being aimed at a global audience, though China is still planned as the launch market for a production S. According to an official press release S stands for “Stylish,” “Smart” and “Surprise,” and although no details on the powertrain of this wagon-esque people carrier were leaked, Honda says it will offer both “the fun of driving” and “environmental performance.” Translated, that means both gasoline and hybrid options are likely on the cards, though we’ll have to wait until the production version, introduced through joint-venture Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. is released, probably next year.

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