Honda Fit Production Going to Mexico in 2014

Honda Fit Production Going to Mexico in 2014
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Honda has begun construction on its $800 million plant in Mexico, where the Japanese automaker will begin production of the Fit sub-compact starting in 2014. The new facility in Mexico is part of Honda’s ongoing plan to grow its operations in North America.

The new Honda de Mexico plant will be in Celaya and will have an annual capacity of 200,000 units with 3,200 employees. The Honda Fit models produced from the facility will mainly be for the U.S. and Canadian markets but will also be exported to other regions.

The plant will be 5.66 million-square meters in total size and is 210 miles from two existing Honda plants in El Salto, Jalisco which currently build automobiles, motorcycles, and auto parts. This new plant will mark the eighth auto plant for Honda in North America and will increase total automobile production (in North America) from 1.63 million units to 1.87 million units in spring 2014. Once Fit production begins in Mexico, four of its global models will be produced in North America.

Honda has announced it will be importing Fit models to the Canadian market from China, and it appears that all Canadian Fits will come from China for at least the next couple of years.