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 |  Apr 12 2012, 11:32 AM

Horacio Pagani has never built a boring car in his life, starting as the designer of Lamborghinis and moving on to create his own over-the-top super car company, Pagani.  

A biography has been released by Pagani, celebrating the life and times of its founder, and showcasing his youth and how he came to be the creator of some amazing cars.

Born in 1955 in Argentina, Horacio Pagani had only early European car magazines for influence as a young boy. The man also idolized Leonardi Da Vinci and tried to replicate Da Vinci’s idea that art and science can be married into one practice.

At a young age, Pagani was already designing cars that had futuristic looks, and eventually went on to get his first work in the industry at Lamborghini.

The cars produced today by Pagani, such as the Huayra and Zonda, are the reality of the man’s dreams.

Watch the first video in the series here.