Husqvarna “Fast Tractor” Boasts Hilariously Slow Segment-Best 8 MPH

Husqvarna “Fast Tractor” Boasts Hilariously Slow Segment-Best 8 MPH

Correction: Husqvarna developed the Fast Tractor alone and partnered with the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Jimmie Johnson for its launch.

Sunny Sunday afternoons are wasted all too often on trivial tasks like laundry and lawn mowing instead of meaningful, manly things like grilling and watching the game. 

Unfortunately, there still isn’t a robot to collect your socks and boxers from the floor, but there is a new riding mower that promises to cut your lawn care down by running through the task at breakneck speeds up to 8 mph. The Husqvarna Fast Tractor, which debuted at the NASCAR Hall of Fame today offers that speed and performance you’ve been looking for.

According to the company, its new tractor was co-developed with the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Lowes and five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson. How does that translate into performance? It doesn’t, but it might help sell riding mowers to people.

If only Bill Murray had one of these in 1980, Caddy Shack might have been a different movie, but he didn’t so the Fast Tractor’s entertainment value will have to remain restricted to your own private fairway or putting green.  On the other hand, a few dollars at Home Depot, or more appropriately Lowes, will buy you some orange cones to make a race course in the yard.

Call the boys, tell them to ride their mowers and challenge them to a run around your new raceway. Husqvarna promises you’ll “leave the competition in the dust.” Aside from cashing the neighbor’s squatting dog out of your yard in morning, that’s the only application we can think of for such a sentence.

Riding mowers, tractors or whatever you want to call them aren’t normal fodder here at AutoGuide, so it’s tough to say exactly how the Fast Tractor actually stacks up, but you can expect to pay about $1,900 for one. Unless you’re really invested in running a weekly race to graze the grass, that money could probably buy a cheaper mower and a teenager’s time for quite a few Summer seasons.