Hyundai Veloster Sponsored by Disney XD to Compete in Global RallyCross

Hyundai Veloster Sponsored by Disney XD to Compete in Global RallyCross

Rhys Millen Racing has partnered up with Disney XD’s upcoming animated Motorcity series to compete in the 2012 Global RallyCross Championship season in a custom Hyundai Veloster that will be piloted by Stephan Verdier.

The French driver is experienced in both rally racing and drifting, having competed as a privateer in the 2011 GRC finishing fourth overall in points. With the backing of Rhys Millen Racing, the number 12 Veloster will certainly have great success with Verdier behind the wheel.

The new Motorcity series by Disney XD is set in a futuristic Detroit, featuring a group of rebels called The Burners who customize their fleet of hot rods. Clearly Disney is looking to leverage its success from its Cars franchise with this similar, but not related, spinoff. Motorcity debuts on April 30th at 9:00pm ET/PT.

Members of the Motorcity creative team along with Stephan Verdier will take to the Web on starting in May to not only promote the animated series, but will host a sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the Summer X Games. The grand prize winner will be part of Verdier’s pit crew and more.

Verdier will also be a guest star in an upcoming episode of Motorcity and will also participate in several Disney XD and Radio Disney fan experiences at the GRC events, May thru September.

“I’m really proud to have Disney XD and their new series “Motorcity” as a title sponsor for the full season of GRC. Make sure you watch it starting in April on Disney XD. Being a part of Rhys Millen Racing, this partnership gives me the best chance at the championship. They are one of the top teams in GRC and I know we’ll do great. GRC is shaping up to be a fantastic season for 2012. There are a lot of new drivers, teams and with some the events taking place at NASCAR and Indy car events, we will be exposed to a large audience. We also have a great TV package with ESPN showing the races live. All together it’s going to be incredible,” said Verdier.

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[Source: Rhys Millen Racing]