J.D. Power Releases Top 5 Most Desired New Car Technologies

J.D. Power Releases Top 5 Most Desired New Car Technologies

J.D. Power has released a study today which details the top five new technologies which car buyers want in their cars. 

The study is based on vehicle owners that “definitely or probably” would purchase the specified tech option on their next vehicle. Two data sets were collected, one that indicates buyer interests in technology before a price has been introduced, and one which buyers based their decision after learning the average price of the technology.

Before prices are known, the top five technologies that car buyers want from most to least are LED headlights, natural language voice-activation, next-generation head-up displays, wireless connectivity systems and remote vehicle diagnostics.

Once the prices were introduced, the top five most desirable tech features are HD radio (at $100), enhanced collision mitigation system (at $750), wireless connectivity system (at $300), surround-view rear-vision camera (at $550) and personal assistance safety services (at $15 per month).

Autonomous vehicle technology was also included in the study as a hypothetical option, and 22 percent of car buyers polled said they “definitely would” or “probably would” add it to their next car. One third said they would add autonomous driving before they learned that the tech will probably cost about $3,000 extra.

The 2012 U.S. Automotive Emerging Technologies Study polled 17,400 vehicle owners and included 23 primary technologies on the list of new car tech.