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 |  Apr 16 2012, 2:32 PM

The Kia K9 will be the Korean brands first attempt at a true luxury car, and the first official interior pictures and TV commercials have been released by the company. 

The K9 is underpinned by the same chassis as the Hyundai Genesis and Equus, and will arrive in America driven by a 3.3L V6 rated at 296 hp or a 3.8L V6 producing 329 hp.

The photos give us a clear view of the shifter and instrument panel, and the commercials highlight the exterior styling, adaptive headlights and heads up display. The K9′s infotainment control knob looks suspicoulsy close to the one found in BMW’s automobiles, and the exterior styling of the car has also been noted as being very much akin to the German luxury car styling.

When the K9 finally does make its way to America, expect it to have a new name.

Watch the video’s below to see the K9, and all of its tech features in action.

GALLERY: Kia K9 Interior

2012-Kia-K9-Sedan-4.jpg2012-Kia-K9-Sedan-5.jpg2012-Kia-K9-Sedan-6 (1).jpg

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  • Cdonkey

    This car looks amazing!!

  • Rick

    Very nice work by a company that has been improving greatly in recent years.

  • Rzrt777

    BMW 7 series similarities but the car looks good, Kia is stepping it up, hopefully mechanically reliable too

  • Caelestis Militis

    Amanti lasted me 150k miles with only regular maintenance. Sold for $2k and as far as I know, second owner is still driving it all original parts.

    I am on the list for the K9, hahaha.