Lamborghini Bicycle Revealed, Priced Near Scion FR-S

Lamborghini Bicycle Revealed, Priced Near Scion FR-S

Built with loads of carbon fiber, low-profile performance tires and tight gearing ratios, Lamborghini‘s newest transportation costs €20,000 or roughly $26,300, which is close to the soon-to-be-released Scion FR-S.

While you’re not likely to put much track time in unless you live near a velodrome, the newest offering bares the Lambo badge on its front and has a sleek exterior ready for speed.

What’s the catch? It’s a bike. Yep, riding around on a Lamborghini bicycle costs that much money. How anyone could justify that much commitment to the brand is a mystery, but there must be a couple people willing to do it. The bike is the product of a partnership between Lamborghini and premium bike builder BMC.

It’s nothing new for car companies, especially the high-end variety, to offer a broad range of branded products but a bike that’s priced on par with entry-level sports cars seems a little silly. Mercedes-Benz also offers a bicycle, but it comes with a Smart badge and only sells for $3,700, a reasonable price when compared to the Lambo bike offering.

Sure to be a near-weightless ride, only 30 of these bikes were made by Italian manufacturer BMC. If you hit the jackpot in Las Vegas this weekend or feel like blowing a year’s worth of your kid’s college tuition, hop on down to the nearest Lamborghini dealer and start the paperwork.

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