Lamborghini Urus Teaser Combines Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Video

Lamborghini Urus Teaser Combines Earth, Wind, Fire, Water – Video

Lamborghini Urus — remember the name. It’s the Italian supercar manufacturer’s second foray into the utility vehicle market and the object of much media attention leading up to its debut at the Beijing Auto Show next week.

Photos leaked onto the internet early today giving us the gory details about what sort of styling to expect from the newest fighting bull, but we’re still without verified specifications. It might make sense for the veritable V10 engine powering the 575-hp Gallardo to find a new home as the Urus’ heart, but it’s only a guess.

Likewise, other drivetrain details and information like off-road capability are entirely shrouded. The idea of taking a Lambo off-roading is enough to make most enthusiasts cringe, but then again the marque did offer the “Rambo Lambo” LM002 which can still make Hummers blush under the right conditions.

It might have seemed equally as strange to take a Porsche to similar places, but the Cayenne debuted as a trail-rated vehicle. There’s plenty to wonder about as the angular new SUV crests the horizon, but for now you can watch the latest teaser video and ogle our gallery of leaked photos.

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GALLERY: Lamborghini Urus