Man Brags on Facebook About Siphoning Gas From Police, Gets Caught

Man Brags on Facebook About Siphoning Gas From Police, Gets Caught

20 year old Michael Baker probably thought he was pretty clever and funny, siphoning gas from a police car while flicking off the camera for a photo. The same photo that he posted up on Facebook that lead to his arrest.

The theft didn’t even come to the Jenkins City Police Department’s attention until the photo was posted on Facebook and started circulating around the small town of Jenkins that has barely more than 2,000 residents.

Of course Baker, being the mature human being that he is, is still getting a good laugh about it all. The photo has been removed, but he’s already commented on his page, “yea lol i went too (sic) jail over facebook.” And when a friend inquired about the photo (since he hadn’t seen it), Baker responded with, “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”

We guess if you live in a small town like Jenkins, this sort of excitement could be seen as humorous. It’s a good thing Baker didn’t siphon the gas during summer, when prices are expected to hit an all-time high, he’d be hit with grand theft!

[Source: The Smoking Gun]

  • zool

    hahaha.. funny and dumb guy…
    Relax in jail bro

  • Clawed_eagle

    noooooo Mr Gas Stealer….. “F” You!   lmao

  • neil harvey

    The police never think its as funny as you do.


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