Man Goes Wild In Russian Nissan Dealership – Video

Man Goes Wild In Russian Nissan Dealership – Video

We’ve all heard of “Girls Gone Wild” videos, but today we present to you a video with a different twist on wild.

Taken from a security camera at what looks like a Russian Nissan dealership, a crazed person (not sure if he was a disgruntled customer or just a destruction enthusiast) rams his vehicle into the showroom, wrecking the whole place.

This clearly was no accident as the driver made several charges to destroy anything he could hit. Despite extensive damage to the attackers vehicle, he carries on with no regard until he has destroyed almost the whole showroom floor.

Not much information is available regarding this clip, but you can watch the destruction below:

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  • Jobu

    It is not Nissan it is Issuzu and he asked his faulty shocks to be replaced and they declined as it was not a warranty repair and he want ape.  Google it.  There is plenty of info out there.