Mazda Dropping V6 Engine Option from Lineup

Mazda Dropping V6 Engine Option from Lineup

For years now the decline of the V8 engine in traditional passenger cars has been well documented. Even sports cars are moving away from the hulking powerplants. But could the V6 see a similar fate?

It certainly will at Mazda, confirms Robert Davis, the brand’s US boss, commenting in a recent interview that the company has no plans to build new V6 engine using the brand’s new Skyactiv engineering philosophy.

Introduced in the 2012 Mazda3, Mazda’s first Skyactiv 4-cylinder engine makes use of numerous fuel saving technologies from lighter components and lower friction surfaces, to direct injection, variable valve timing and an ultra-high compression ratio.

In the past, only the Mazda6 and CX-9 were available with a V6 powerplant. Mazda has been quiet on plans to build a turbocharged 4-cylinder, although it’s likely one is in the works. Another possibility is a hybrid 4-cylinder that could deliver V6 power with exceptional fuel economy. Plus, there’s the strong possibility that Mazda will offer a Mazda6 diesel, as previewed in the Takeri concept (above).

In addition, Davis did confirm Mazda is currently exploring the future of the Rotary powerplant, both for conventional use and also as a rang extender to help charge a battery pack for an electric motor.

[Source: Car & Driver]

  • They better come up with something for the 3rd gen 6 because the 4 in the CX=5 isn’t going to cut it!

  • Brian From Houston

    Wow…if they don’t come out with a high powered 6 here i may have to switch brands

  • John

    I with you guys.  No V6 or at least V6 power in the range of 275 hp to 300 hp then I am gone as well

  • Really!

    Get a clue, the now and near future is small displacement turbo fours.  BMW, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz offer them in their cars.  The Gen Coupe has a 274 HP one as does the Sonata, I have driven them and they move out rapidly and get good mileage. 

  • Khbattles

    LIKE IT! Build it, ADVERTISE IT, and buyers will come. How about a speed6 version?
    All wheel drive , extra horses! A halo car to get noticed. Tired of folks saying thats a nice T………..

  • Audi2013

    They dropped there 6 cylinder motors because they were absolutely terrible. Even there 2.0 4 cylinders weren’t any better. They had valve issues, oil burning, and even timing CHAIN problems. It sounds like they’re a lot better for the 2012 -2013 models but I wouldn’t bother at this point since this started when they released there 3 and 6’s back in around 2003 or so. From what i have gathered they started back from square one and dropped there v6 and fix the existing problems with there 4 cylinders. Once they master there 4 cylinders then it be wise to release a v6.