McLaren MP4-12C a Resounding Success in America

McLaren MP4-12C a Resounding Success in America

The McLaren MP4-12C arrived in America earlier this year as one of Englands finest supercars packing a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine with 592-hp and a base price of $229,000.

At first, even the British automaker was unsure on how Americans would receive the MP4-12C, wondering if it had enough to compete against the Ferrari and Lamborghini fanatics on this soil. But now all doubts have been put to rest when McLaren’s Antony Sheriff confirmed 40 percent of the MP4-12C’s orders were coming from America. “We underestimated — I underestimated — the level of knowledge and enthusiasm,” Sheriff said in an interview with Motor Trend.

The figure comes as McLaren built its 1,000th MP4-12C back in late February, which means 400 or so have made it to America, which is a resounding success in the British automaker’s eyes. Given its success with its newest model, McLaren is already hard at work on at least four more variants or completely new models. Sheriff also disclosed that McLaren will debut a full model lineup at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Chances are, we’ll see the convertible MP4-12C and a stripped-down, track-oriented variant. No doubt the spiritual successor of the F1 will also make its debut next year.

The future is clearly bright for McLaren and it appears that sports car enthusiasts in America will be benefiting for years to come.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • 12C owner

    The 12C is exceptional to drive. The 3 levels of ride control, and independent 3 levels of shift / engine management makes the 12C better and more adaptable to both road and track situations than anything else I’ve owned. The shift can be manual or automatic in any ride or ECU mode. The suspension is flat under all Corning loads, and the steering and throttle tighten up in both sport and track mode.

    The shape is subtle beauty, vs the georgous babe in a wet tee shirt look of many super cars.

    Overall this could be a daily driver or a track star on the same day.

    The British car industry has produced the bespoke supercar, and should be proud of that fact.