Mercedes 300 SL Wooden Replica is Exquisite

Mercedes 300 SL Wooden Replica is Exquisite

Well, here’s to hoping this 300 SL replica doesn’t get destroyed by German officials. A German craftsman in Duisberg, Germany has created this exquisite work of art: a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL entirely hand-carved from wood.

According to the eBay auction, the wooden replica sold for about $7,800 and has fully-functional Gullwing doors, intricately-detailed dash, and a set of matching wooden luggage. Apparently the seller also mentioned that the front wheels steer, though we’re not sure if the work-of-art actually rolls around. Real seats were tossed into the wooden replica, making it rather comfy to sit in if you really wanted to.

We can’t even imagine the hours of work that was put into making the replica, especially how detailed the creation is down to the famed Mercedes-Benz emblem. Somehow we think even the German automaker would appreciate this possible copyright infringement.

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