Mercedes-Benz Cars Aim to Keep Drivers Fit and Alert

Mercedes-Benz Cars Aim to Keep Drivers Fit and Alert

Mercedes-Benz cars can already navigate through traffic without driver input, the infotainment systems can be controlled by uttering a sentence and the seats will even massage your back for you, but how about a car that keeps you physically fit, and mentally rested?

The company is developing what it calls “performance enhancing comfort,” which will come in the form of massage chairs, work out expander bands, music choices that suit your drowsiness level and even an active air freshener.

While the technology was implemented first for long haul truckers, it is making its way into regular consumer cars.

Drowsiness at the wheel is a major concern being addressed by the brand. The trucks have been outfitted with seats that raise up high enough for the steering wheel to be used as a foot rest. While that may not work in cars, simply having lay flat seats would be a nice alternative.

The stereo system is also designed to aid in power naps, as it will sort music into categories based on how soothing the song is, and only play soft music when its time for the driver to snooze.

Elastic bands which can be used to workout are attached to bolts on the truck cab floor and can be used by the driver to stay fit while driving. Cars may have a little problem outfitting these due to space, but who knows what the German automaker will come up with for its fitness option in cars.

Soon enough cars will be driving themselves, keeping us fit, massaging our backs, choosing our music and who knows, maybe styling our hair?