Mercedes-Benz Might Overtake Audi by 2015: Report

Mercedes-Benz Might Overtake Audi by 2015: Report

Audi made headlines this year after overtaking Mercedes-Benz for the first time to become the world’s second-largest luxury automaker. 

The Center of Automotive Research (CAR) at the university of Duisburg-Essen in Germany is predicting that Mercedes will be able to regain its former position by 2015. According to the forecast, BMW will remain in the top spot with 1.76 million vehicles, while Mercedes will sell an expected 1.68 million and Audi with a slightly trailing 1.63 million units.

Part of the automaker’s plan to reach that goal is to introduce 10 new models by 2015, one of which we saw in Geneva last month: the revamped A-Class.

CEO Dieter Zetsche made it clear in a speech delivered earlier this month that the brand is actively strategizing to regian the top spot it lost to BMW in 2005.

The CSC concept, which was revealed two weeks ago, is another example of how the brand is pushing forward to further modernize its image.

It goes without saying that neither Audi nor BMW will sit idly by and let Mercedes retake the pole position, but with 10 models coming in over the next three years, the competition will be steep. Mercedes is also taking its GLK small SUV into the efficiency-minded market by offering a BlueTEC diesel in 2013.

[Source: Automotive News]