Metallica Heads to Atlantic City for Hot Rods, Concert

Metallica Heads to Atlantic City for Hot Rods, Concert

Who ever came up with this idea is a genius. Get a whole slew of classic hot rods and cool rides, gather them all together in one place, then get Metallica to play for all the gathered car enthusiasts. It sounds like every metal and motor head’s dream.

This combination will come to fruition in real life at the first annual Orion music and more festival taking place on June 23 and 24 at Bader Field in Atlantic City.

The only prerequisite for all vehicles on display is that they be American models built before 1972. Also, that they be customs, hot rods, muscle cars, or custom motorcycles. In other words, if your ride isn’t cool, don’t come. Anyone whose vehicle is approved for display will be offered two free tickets to the Metallica show.

It turns out the Metallica front man James Hetfield is a car lover and hot rod enthusiast. His own personal tricked out 1936 Auburn Roadster “Slow Burn Kustom” (shown above) will be on display at the event.

Watch the video below to see James discussing his love for the cars, and how the festival came together.

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