Mobile App Makes Cats into Sports Cars

Mobile App Makes Cats into Sports Cars

Gentlemen, start your felines. In a hilarious marketing campaign, the developers behind the XLR8 app that makes acceleration noises as you drive, strapped an iPhone to their kitty and sent it running.

The result? A V8-powered tabby with a mean-sounding tailpipe. It’s not clear how well the app, which is meant to be used in your car, actually works when you attach it to an animal, but the video is really funny.

Reminiscent of the viral YouTube sensation “Powerthirst,” the XLR8 “for cats” video pokes fun at itself before admitting that they aren’t serious and it isn’t nice to torture your girlfriend’s pet.

Still, the idea of doing the same thing with a Rotwieler chasing a tennis ball is probably more fitting and sure to get a chuckle at the dog park. For 99 cents you can give it a whirl, though the user reviews suggest the app isn’t as accurate as you might hope.

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