New App Makes Dodge Neon Sound Like Dodge Challenger

New App Makes Dodge Neon Sound Like Dodge Challenger

Have you always wanted a muscle car or exotic but budget and necessity mean you end up driving a compact or minivan? Well, 2XL Games has a solution, namely in its XLR8 smart phone app.

By downloading it your smart phone, XLR8, reproduces the sounds your vehicle’s engine makes under acceleration, cornering and braking but with a twist. Instead of a buzzy four cylinder, the exhaust note sounds like a muscular V8 running a high-lift cam and open exhaust, perfectly matched to your car’s acceleration, cornering and braking.

It does this via accelerometers and a GPS system inside your iPhone, Android or other portable device. By hooking up the phone to your vehicle’s sound system in much the same way as a MP3, simply choose the app and press the button.

XLR8 uses top quality recordings of real engines, so the sound comes out exactly as you’d hear it on the dragstrip, oval or road race course. Besides the classic V8 muscle car engine, additional sounds can be downloaded for a small fee including a NASCAR racer, Ford GT40, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

There’s also two different modes: Automatic, which measures the acceleration of your car and Manual, which allows you control and adjust the engine by hand. You can also control shift points and gear ratios to deliver the exact sensation you want.

“Like every lifetime car aficionado out there, the sound of a well-tuned racing engine has always been better than music to my ears,” said XLR8’s originator Robb Rinard, who’s also the Creative Director, 2XL Games. “That is how the idea for XLR8 got started. I wanted to make some of the magic of driving an exotic car accessible to car lovers like me. XLR8 helps satisfy every big and little kid’s dream of tearing up the track.”

Now that we’ve got the ability to turn our beige sedan into one mean sounding machine, the next step is to develop an app so we can transform its appearance into something more befitting the new sound, a cloaking device if you will. Unfortunately unlike XLR8, such ideas are still the realm of science fiction.

On the other hand you can always throw caution to the wind , cash in your life savings and possibly your house in order to buy the car of your dreams, but then there’s always the question of keeping the thing on the road, where to park and where to sleep.

Maybe we should stick with XLR8, at least for the time being, after all it’s a lot cheaper, not to mention more practical.

Watch a video of the app in action after the break.

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