New Aston Martin to Get 550 HP, Ultimate Edition as Generation-Ending Sendoff

New Aston Martin to Get 550 HP, Ultimate Edition as Generation-Ending Sendoff

Rumors about a new Aston Martin are flying around the internet after word that a new car from the brand will have 550 hp. 

It isn’t clear if the car in question is the new DB9 or DBS, but folks aren’t shying away from speculation. The trouble is, if the new Aston turns out to be a DBS, the 550-hp rating only represents a 40 hp gain. That figure grows to 80 hp if it turns out to be a the new DB9.

Regardless of which car is getting the boost to 550 hp, Aston Martin fans with cash to burn have something special coming in the 2013 model year. The automaker plans to offer an “Ultimate Edition” DBS as a tribute in the model’s final year of production.

There won’t be any mechanical enhancements, according to Car and Driver but it will be enhanced inside and out from an aesthetic perspective. Specific details aren’t available yet for the car, but we do know that there will only be 100 made, 30 of which will make it to U.S. buyers. Demand is reported to be very high for these cars, which have mostly been spoken for.

Expect them to get the same level of detail as the DBS Carbon edition models (pictured above), which started at $287,576 and soared up to $302,576 for the Volante convertible model.

It won’t be surprising to find that the ultimate version of the outgoing DBS model will be as expensive — if not more so — than the Carbon editions, though pricing is still unannounced.

[Source: Autocar, Car and Driver]


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