New Batmobile Raises Money for Cancer Research- Video

New Batmobile Raises Money for Cancer Research- Video

The Batmobile is an icon many of us dreamed about as children as we watched the caped crusader dash around Gotham City fighting evil doers and enforcing justice. 

The newest iteration of the Batmobile, to be featured in this summer’s upcoming movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and its lead designer Andy Smith were out fighting for justice in their own way this week; charging a select group of people to see the new Batmobile in real life and donating the proceeds to cancer research.

Andy Smith, who has been involved in the creation of Batmobiles since 1989, was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and received treatment at the BC Cancer Center in Vancouver, Canada. Today, Andy is in great health and to personally thank the staff that oversaw his recovery, Smith arranged for the new Batmobile to be driven up to Vancouver from California for a private viewing session. The funny part is that the Batmobile was driven all the way up the coast uncovered, probably causing a commotion. It wouldn’t be the first time.

The new Batmobile looks quite the same as the last generation, but until the movie hits the big screen, we can’t be sure what’s hiding under its armoured exterior.

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