Nissan 240SX Successor Rumored as Scion FR-S Rival

Nissan 240SX Successor Rumored as Scion FR-S Rival

While Nissan is clearly enjoying great success with its 370Z and GT-R models, the Japanese automaker is missing a viable competitor to the upcoming Scion FR-S.

Even though America never got the chance to enjoy a true Silvia 200SX (powered by a SR20DET), enthusiasts have taken the 240SXs we’ve gotten in America and swapped in the potent 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder. Now Nissan is considering producing a lighter, smaller sports car that could see a revival of the Silvia model.

Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s design boss, recently said in an interview, “I much prefer smaller sports car. It is the time to look at that. With 370Z, we still don’t know next generation will have a larger or smaller engine.” The designer went on to elaborate that reducing the weight of the next-generation Nissan sports car is a priority.

Given the price range of the FR-S, it would make much more sense for Nissan to revive the SX moniker than to offer a less powerful Z.

“Sports car is a core of Nissan. We … really we have to sit down and work out what the future sports car should be for us,” Nakamura said.

Regardless of whether or not a new model is on the horizon, Nissan is working to lighten its current Z and GT-R models even more. But hey, we would welcome a smaller, lighter, and cheaper Nissan sports car with open arms.

[Source: Drive – Sydney Morning Herald]

  • Noe Japan

    Nissan, rather than Toyota/Subaru, are the company that really should have come out first with a light, 2 wheel drive and economical ‘sporty car’ for a certain segment of the masses – the masses don’t all have t drive boring a to b or shopping carts.

    Whilst the exotic cars seem to keep increasing in price on each subtle tweak or new model it’s refreshing seeing and hearing change

    The worrying downside is 3 or 4 years later, once these cars have fallen through 2 or 3 owners and hit a cheap price used, they’ll be loads of baffoons drifting with nasty modifications, tacky exhaust sounds from a 5″ apexi motoring their merry way around.

    Can’t win everything

  • While they are at it it’s really time for Honda/Acura to bring back the Integra GSR/RSX Type-S as competition to the FRS/BRZ. That’s what we’re really missing, the Civic SI isn’t quite what we’re talking about here.

    Actually, at my age, I’d take a CL Type-S for $30,000-$35,000 (as long as it’s the modern day equivalent to the amazing 6-Speed 2003 CL Type-S). They already have the TSX and Accord Coupe platform to work with so it wouldn’t be as hard as building the car from the ground up like the Toyotaburu.

  • Lisandromg

    Nissan should come out with a new 240sx. Z’s are nice as well as skylines but what’s happened to the old days when 240sx where the only ones around no z’s we want a new sx it doesn’t matter if it’s slower then the z’s or skylines it would be nice to drive one around Honda did it with its civic Nissan could do it too

  • ive own 4 240sx s13’s and curently still have two and i love them. Nissan really should take a look at bring back the soul of where nissan started the 240 & 280 z which eventually came to be the 240sx. I’ve been waiting to hear about the release  date every since i caught wind of the project. COMMON NISSAN DO WHAT YOU DO BEST! BRING IT BACK!

  • johnny

    please keep to your roots….but use the qr25de…i swear to god that is the greatest engine in the cant break it…ive been trying for 4yrs…and oil leaks..gaskets…nothing..ive had 2 240s…now i have a spec-v…but i still would love to have another…oh.. and to see nissan bust up some toyota and mistu again…hahaha

  • Jappie Ni San

    It’s about time, however where is the rivals for the G6 Golf GTi’s, Focus ST’s, OPCs and those things. FWD terrors… I guess i’ll just have to kill them with my SR20 till Nissan EVENTUALLY appeals to that market.

  • lawls

    a new 240sx would be aimed at a completely different market then all those cars………………… especially being rear wheel drive vs front of all those. the competitor would be frz,brz, miata

  • lawls

    the 240sx/silvia is a evolution of the 180sx and is a s chassis, the z cars are a z chassis completely different the 240z and 280z evolved into the 300 zx not he 240sx

  • S15SR20

    If they ever bring it back… I hope it doesn’t get the craptastic XTronic CVT…

  • Idiots all over

    The Qr is a big hunk of crape. It would serve better as a boat anchor then power a new z-car.

  • mike jones

    its not a z chasis car they are talking about here…its an s chasis….so z-car reference doesnt make sense.