PAL-V Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight

PAL-V Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight

Riding on the heels of April 1, better known as April Fool’s Day, it’s harder than steel to believe that the PAL-V Flying Car is more than an elaborate hoax, but against our better judgement it seems like it might be real.

Based on the detail-rich site and video footage, we’re reluctantly ready to say that the outlandish three-wheel helicopter-mobile you see above might actually be more than a joke. Still, don’t expect a first drive or review any time soon. The PAL-V Flying Car functions as both a road vehicle and a helicopter which would make licensing complicated and ownership difficult.

Few people would possess the qualifications to use such a thing (we say thing because it’s not really a car).

Still, the Dutch company seems committed to both selling its product and authorizing customers to use it. The site has section that puts customers in touch with flight schools. In a press release it also claims that licensing to fly only takes about 20 to 30 hours.

Pricing isn’t available yet, but if there’s any truth to any of this it seems the U.S. government is already preparing for increased air traffic from vehicles like this.

A single passenger vehicle, the flying car can reach top speeds of around 110 mph on land and in the air, with a flying range of about 220 to 315 miles depending on wind conditions.

On the ground it’s said to drive — and accelerate, like a sports car thanks to its three-wheel setup and leaning capability that make it feel like a car-motorcycle hybrid.

Watch the video footage of its maiden flight below.

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  • Loveit

    AW YEAH! wow that is so awesome. it looks like a stealth copter. I’m going to have to save my money 🙂 I saw this on ebaums this morning so I’m not the only one freakin out about this! / there is the link

  • ROTFL this is SOO what Inspector Gadget would drive.

  • Wasington

    Exciting. The age of the Jetsons is now really upon us. Personal flying vehicle’s and robots among other things. Thanks to visionaires like this. This is certainly the most practical air/road legal vehicle ever.

  • Jeffrey

    Not a helicopter but a gyrocopter.
    Pricing starts about $279,000 give or take

  • This looks really cool but I just saw the 
    Terrafugia at the NY Auto show and I was really taken back it’s so sleek and cool looking. I think it’s about a quarter of a million but I think they’ve got it right. These models can really take off so to speak in about 10 years when they become cheaper. But I am concerned about licensing and possible dangers of so many vehicles in the air.

  • A couple thoughts. One, where is the added technology to prevent air traffic collisions, and I wonder what the cost of that alone would be? And two, if the thing needs a ‘running’ start to take off, what happens if you unexpectedly run into ground traffic? Do you or some computer (cost?) give you the proper distance to take off given wind and weather factors before you can safely leave the road before plowing into the car that is ahead of you? LMAO.. think it will be sometime before this is allowed for public use! Oh, AND WHERE IS THE BALLISTIC PARACHUTE(S) FOR THIS THING??!!!

  • ranight

    The people that think this would have all kinds of problems
    taking off and need a parachute don’t have a very good understanding of how
    well gyrocopters work and this looks like it gets air born at very low speeds
    and lands the same way. I think it is great the only drawback I see are cost
    and all the new laws radical liberals will enact to take all the fun and convenience
    out of it all in the name of safety. It’s what they do best. I would love to
    have one if I could. It’s nice to dream.

  • Wendy

    Wow, only IDIOTS can bring politics into something like this!!