R/C Dragster Toy Can Hit 70 MPH – Video

R/C Dragster Toy Can Hit 70 MPH – Video

The one thing electric motors are best at is in delivering instant torque, so it would only make sense to make electric dragsters.

While the full-size dragster still prefer to burn alcohol, Traxxas will sell you a miniature, radio controlled, electric dragster for your amusement.

This 1/8 scale model features Traxxas’ ET-3s brushless motor, which allows this little dragster to hit speeds of upto 70+ mph, which is seriously fast for a projectile that can run into your ankles.

Currently, the only body style offered is based on the Ford Mustang, but you can choose from four different color schemes, each depicting an actual NHRA Funny Car replica dragster.

However, no drag race will look or feel complete without a drag strip lights tree. Thankfully, Traxxas thought of that too, and can be bought separately.

You can even download an app to program in your launch control using your iPhone or iPod. This app will also allow you to keep a track of all your performance data. Very cool stuff indeed.

If you’re interested (we sure are), you can buy your miniature dragster from Traxxas for $499. The staging equipment with the starting lights are extra. You can watch these mini dragsters in action in the video below:

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  • Rcdragrace

    And let me tell you those are pretty much the slowest on the track.

    The top cars do it in under 2 seconds. This one does it in around 3 seconds. The world record is around 1.1 seconds.